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Hyper V3
out now in its third version with stunning features!

Another technical innovation for all rotary lovers that will easily tie on to the popularity that Stigma®`s Hyper always had in their previous two versions.

Hyper V3 Machine


Semi-rotary (hybrid) tattoo machine with swash-drive system and its motor placed vertically.
The Hyper V3 has infinity-adjustable softness (give) and adjustable stroke which can be controlled easily with your fingers or a Hex (Allen) key by a screw on the top side of the machine.

Now adjustable super soft, softer than any other rotary tattoo machine on the market but also adjustable hard as a rock if needed.

Improved for lining, shading, color packing, layering, blending. Perfect for all tattoo work and artist styles.

Now in a new even more ergonomic and well balanced design and with a new tube vice for the grips.

Comes with the on the Fly and Bizarre proved and again optimized precision adjustable needlebar stabilizing system which allows us to operate the machine without rubber bands. You just need to add the exact amount of pressure against the needle bar to get a perfect stabilized needle.

For harder hitting (lining or color packing) turn the control screw clockwise. For softer hitting (shading) turn the control screw counterclockwise.

This machine is capable of hitting very softly compared to the best conventional coil shading machines.

The Hyper V3 machine can be adjusted on the fly; you only need 5 seconds to turn it from a liner into a shader without need to even touch your power supply.

Variable stroke length from 3,6mm up to 6,0mm for maximum efficiency and short healing times.

Linear armature motion.

Light-weight, low vibration, silent, easy to set up, simple to handle, flexible to use without tuning, without trouble.

Weighs only 115 grams (4oz).

The frame is perfectly CNC-machined from a solid block of aircraft aluminum and then anodized.

Designed for use with standard needles, tubes, grips and power supplies.

Powerful Swiss-made 4,5 watt motor by brand leader Maxon.

Drives up to 50 needles or more without problems.

Adjust the speed by the power supply to 3.000 ~ 10.000 stitches per minute, 8 -13 volt.

RCA jack and clip cord connections are both on the machine.

Patented machine copying or duplicating is not allowed.

Stigma® is world market leader in innovating and producing rotary tattoo machines.

On our rotary machine models Hyper, Fly and Bizarre you can infinitely adjust, with no grades, the “give” and stroke which makes them indispensable for professionals and better, more comfortable to use than best coil machines by achieving the same and improved results.


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