Terry Ribera

Terry Ribera on the Stigma-Rotary® Hyper V4 and Stylist machines

“I have to say they are wonderful machines – it’s hard to say which one I like more! I really am surprised at how well they line. I’ve not been a fan of lining with cartridges before, but these machines are amazingly smooth and solid. It’s a hard formula to beat! I also love how the RCA is hidden as well and the machines are more stable.”

Terry on some of the older models:

“The Prodigy is by far my favorite machine of yours. It packs color better than any machine I’ve ever used. It great for large needle grouping liners like 11 round liners and 14 round liners. There’s about 15 Prodigy machines used every day at my shop between the 8 of us tattooing there!”

The Hyper is a great grey shader and good for 3-7rlt sized needles.

The Beast is fantastic for stipple shading when set up with the long stroke flywheel.

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