Alex Schwarz

Alex Schwarz aka Tokoa, started his apprenticeship as a tattoo artist at Rheingau Tattoo in Geisenheim, Germany. 15 years later he has established his own tattooing style which specializes in realistic and comic tattoos. Now he runs his own tattoo studio in Miehlen, Germany called Tokoa.

Here is what he has to say about Stigma-Rotary®:

“10 of the past 15 years of working as a tattoo artist, I mainly used coil machines to create my art. Five years ago I switched to using rotary machines. As soon as I laid my hands on the Stigma-Rotary® Stylist I was amazed by its performance. By now, I am convinced of the machines that Stigma-Rotary® builds. The Stigma® Stylist, Spear and especially the HyperV4 can each individually cover all the techniques that are used to create a tattoo. The machines wear powerful swiss made motors yet achieve to be very gentle on the skin which is perfect especially for long sessions.”

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